Dubai Dolphinarium: Dolphin & Seal Show

Tour Description

Option 1: Marine Show with Seals and Dolphins

Treat yourself and your kids to a wonderful and brand new indoor show at the recently opened Dubai Dolphinarium.

It is a show that features three highly talented dolphins and four equally charming seals, along with lots of excitement, participation, and fun for the kids! After the show, you will have the opportunity to take pictures with the dolphins to capture the already unforgettable experience.

Option 2: ‘Dolphinotherapy’ ~ Swimming with Dolphins

As a possible alternative to watching the show, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins and enjoy the company of these phenomenal animals. You will be pleasantly surprised by their playful, good willing, and intelligent nature.

The cost of the Dolphinotherapy tour also includes pictures that will be professionally shot by the Dolphinarium.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace the second most intelligent mammal!

Pricing and Availability

Group Tour

Price per Adult: $70   |  Price per Child: $50

Availability: Everyday (except Sunday)

Private Tour

Basic Package = $70/person + $100/vehicle.

(Standard vehicle seats up to 6 people).

Please contact for more information on other packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do the tours begin and end?

A. You will be picked up and dropped off at your Hotel or Place of Residence and be accompanied by a Tour Guide at all times.

Q. How do I book and Pay for a Tour?

A. Fill in the form above indicating the date and the number of people in your group. You will get a response from our operations team regarding the availability and a final confirmation. Filling in the form does not guarantee you a spot on the tour.

Payment can be made either in cash at the beginning of the tour or by credit card. For certain tours we will require an advanced payment either by credit card or to our rep. who will pass by your hotel.

Note: All prices indicated are valued in US Dollars and can be converted UAE Dirhams at a rate of 3.65 AED/USD.

 Q. What is a Private Tour? What is the difference between a Private Tour & a Regular Tour?

A. A Private Tour means that you will be provided with a private car and a tour guide which will be available only to your party members.

A private tour gives you flexibility and comfort as you can customize the tour as per your wishes and have the undivided attention of the tour guide.

Private Tours are also available daily and on different cars. To read more about the cars we can offer and private tours generally.

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