Private & VIP


Luxury, your way.

We understand the importance of having things your way.

Simply choose your class of car and customize any of our tours.

Or just make up your own.

Unclear? See our FAQ.

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Toyota Previaprevia

  • Capacity = 6 people max.
  • 4 hours = $350
  • 6 hours = $450
  • 8 hours = $550
  • 10 hours = $650

Porsche Cayenne


  • Capacity = 4 people max.
  • 4 hours = $450
  • 6 hours = $550
  • 8 hours = $650
  • 10 hours = $750

BMW 7 Series


  • Capacity = 4 people max.
  • 4 hours = $500
  • 6 hours = $600
  • 8 hours = $700
  • 10 hours = $800


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be picked up?

You will be picked up and dropped off at any place of your choosing. Hotel, residence, apartment or any location that you indicate.

What is the difference between Private & VIP?

Essentially, just the class of the car. Minivans, H1’s and Saloon cars we consider private. Mercedes, Porche & BMW we consider private ‘VIP’.

What is included in the Hourly Price?

The flat hourly fee listed above includes the vehicle and a licensed tour guide at your disposal for the duration of your choosing. Any additional costs such as entrances to various attractions or lunches/dinners will be at an extra cost.

What can I book?

By booking a private tour you have complete flexibility.

You can choose one of our existing tours and follow the suggested program. You can customize it, extend it, shorten it.

You can also make up a tour of your own. Simply make a list of the venues or attractions that you would like to visit and discuss them with the tour guide.

Other than seeing & visiting – a very important component of the tour is the information provided by the tour guide. If a particular topic, e.g: history of the formation of the country is of particular interest, you can ask the guide to place emphasize on it.