UAE based activity provider

We are a UAE based company, serving visitors to the UAE since 2008.


ABSEA TOURS DMCC & ABSEA YACHTS & BOATS RENTAL LLC is a group of companies that have in house capabilities to provide various excursion & activity related service in the UAE, both on a b2b and b2c basis.

We have built and branded a number of different services which will cater to a wide range of tourism and leisure related needs in the UAE.

Alexandra Floating Restaurant

Alexandra is a flagship brand that we have created over almost a decade. It is a floating restaurant operating in Dubai Marina built on the basis of an Arabic Dhow – a traditional boat making style that the UAE & Oman are known for building.

With a strong emphasize of beating the competition by providing a superior overall experience and being able to create a very distinct overall product.

Alexandra 1 and Alexandra 2 are both perfectly built for this climate and have been refined over the years.

Heres a quick summary

  • Upper Deck open air (with roof), Lower Deck Panoramic Windows & A/C
  • Professional Audio System onboard
  • Live Female Singer & Live Tanura Dancer – resident acts
  • Professional catering service from a reputable hotel

ABSEA Sport Fishing Charter

FishingUAE is another brand that we have built – a deep sea fishing charter operating in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Once again, we have focused on a high customer satisfaction as our core target, and built a product that delivers a satisfying fishing experience most of the time.

We have focused on recruiting experienced captains, and growing our services organically to match the needs of our customers.

We have done over 5000 fishing trips, and have gotten a good grasp on what a good fishing trip is.

Private & VIP Tours

Another division of our company is the private tour speciality. We have full time guides that have on average 8 or more years of experience, are licensed by the relevant tourism authority and speak a range of languages.

In addition to the experienced guides, we also own and manage a fleet of cars that are used by the guides to conduct the tours.

Our guides speak English, Russian, German & Romanian.

Our fleet of cars consists of toyota previas, 8 seater Maxus, 15 seater Maxus, Mercedes S Class & Tesla Model X.

Contracting & IT

Besides all of the in house capabilities described above, ABSEA has exclusive contracts with every major theme park or attraction in the UAE.

We also have a range of hand picked services which we re-sell from suppliers who we trust like we trust ourselves.

Anything that you will find for sale on our website we take full responsibility in terms of quality, legality and a fair price relative to the service provided.

Our entire business is run on a custom ERP software that was built in house, and tailor made for our needs (which are constantly changing to stay in tune with the times).

IT Infrastructure

Strong IT capabilities, with in house ERP development, b2b portal & API connectivity.

Fleet of Boats

In house fleet of vessels. 2 floating restaurants and 3 speed boats.

Team of Guides

Strong team of experienced, licensed and multi-lingual tour guides.

Professional Operations Team

Experienced and full time team of operations managers who make sure the services rendered are logistically well laid out.

Fleet of Cars

In house fleet of cars. Toyota previas, Maxus 8, Maxus 15 seater, Hyundai H1, Mercedes S Class, Tesla Model X.

Licensed & Legal

We comply with every relevant law that applies to our business and insure everything adequately.

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